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Water Knows What You Are Thinking

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Documentary on Gaia (Gaiam TV 2015) called Secret of Water 1hr 16min.

Dr Masaru Emoto's research into water - Website:

Dependant on age a human body is made up of 70-90% water. To sustain normal life functions an adult drinks approximately 2.5 litres of water per day and absorbs 1.5 litres when bathing or showering. If the human body loses 2% of its water you become thirsty - 10% you hallucinate and over 12% you will die.

Water is the only substance on the planet that can exist in 3 states - liquid, solid and gas. Water has the highest surface tension of all liquids and it is the most powerful solvent on the earth. Any substance that comes into contact with water leaves a trace of itself behind within that water.

In German in the 1960's a laboratory technician accidentally dropped a vacuum sealed vile of poison into a jar of distilled water, not thinking it would cause any harm it was left there for 3 days. When the vile was removed the seal was in tacked, nothing had leaked out so the water was given to the laboratory mice to drink. All of the mice died of poisoning. Immediately the water was thoroughly tested but the results came back that it was chemically clean so somehow the water without direct contact with the poison had adopted the poisons properties - in other words it had received the negative information from the poison. A hypothesis was put forward that water has memory, it can record and store information. Since then many experiments have been conducted all over the world to prove that water receives and makes an imprint on any space that surrounds it. Water has even been tested in space by astronauts.

Is water alive or dead? Studies have shown that it is alive, it has an energy field but it is also easy to kill it. The majority of city water that we drink from the tap is dead water i.e. it has no energy field left.

Can a person have any influence on water? Over 20 years of research by Dr Masaru Emoto (died 2014) provides stacks of evidence that you can. You can transform the molecular structure of water just by exposing it to your words, thoughts, sounds and intentions. Dr Masaru Emoto and his team found that one way to test this was to put a drop of water in a dish and freeze it for 3 hours.

When you take it back out of the freezing into a temperature -5c then place the sample under a microscope, as the temperature rises you see crystals start to grow and expand. This image can then be captured on camera before it returns to its liquid state. The crystals can be beautiful and symmetrical or broken and deformed.

They tested water before and after it was prayed over.

They experimented by speaking words to the water, writing words and sticking the piece of paper to the water container, writing words and placing the piece of paper near to the water container. They played all different types of music to the water. Sent good vibes and bad vibes to the water. The results came out the same every time - interactions that were 'pleasant / nice' formed beautiful symmetrical crystals and all things 'unpleasant / bad' formed odd looking deformed crystals.

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