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Uri Geller working with government agencies

Books: The Secret Life of Uri Geller - CIA Master Spy / The Geller Papers / The Geller Phenomenon. Just to name a few. Website:

In Britain in 1972 Uri Geller went on a BBC TV show called The Dimbleby Talk-In hosted by David Dimbleby. On this show Uri did something that he has never done before, when he was handed a spoon to bend he looked into the TV camera and told the viewers to go get themselves a spoon. Holding his spoon in one hand whilst the finger tips of this other hand pinched the spoon he starred at it and began to chant the words bend, melt, bend, melt. As expected the spoon started to move and bend, he removed his rubbing fingers and wobbled the spoon and the end of it fell to the floor. What happened next no body expected - the phonelines at the BBC went wild with viewers phoning in reporting their cutlery bending, broken clocks starting, working clocks stopping, lights flickering and pictures tilting on the walls. The volume of calls where so great that the whole BBC system crashed. The next day every newspaper in Britain had Uri on the front page. 48 years ago this would of blown everyone's mind.

Uri's collection of talents is vast and goes well beyond spoon bending. He has been tested and worked with the CIA, MI5, MI6 and Israeli government. His skills at dowsing (using only his hands) has brought him serious cash - he claims he charged 1 million$ just for the effort of looking and then also got kickback cash from his finds.

The first company to contact him was Sir Val Duncan former chairperson of Rio Tinto-Zinc. He tested Uri's dowsing skills first and as soon as it was witnessed what he was capable of Sir Val Duncan introduced him to other mining companies. He found oil for Pemex in Mexico, gold for Brazilian and Australian companies. He has been tasked with locating sunken submarines, crashed planes and UFO's, ancient treasure and technology and top secret objects. He even found the house of the American serial killer David Berkowitz - Son of Sam which is where the police arrested him.

Uri admits there was a period in his life when he craved money, fame and material stuff. He also had an eating disorder (bulimia) as with fame came a concern for his image but this all changed after a conversation with his friend John Lennon (The Beatles). John could see that Uri was unwell and asked him 'why aren't you spiritual considering all the things that you can do?' Uri explained that he had heard of the word spiritual but he did not really understand what it meant. John urged Uri to travel to Japan and find his path so Uri did just that and packed up his family, travelled to Japan where they lived in a tiny hut deep within the forest for 1 year. That is where he did find himself and his spirituality, learnt to understand motivation, positive outlook, meditation and from then on he has never looked back and the value of chasing money came to an end.

I could write pages and pages on Uri Geller. I suggest you look into him further to find out about the ancient crystal skull that he was given as a gift or the golden egg John Lennon gave give after a visit from an alien. His government testing is documented. He believes that he knows where the Ark of the Covenant is. There is a lot more info out there.

Image from Gaia TV documentary about Uri Geller.

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