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Uri Geller's Beginning

Uri Geller is an Israeli-British illusionist, TV personality and psychic. He has produced a number of books: Uri Geller My Story / Uri Geller Magician or Mystic / The Geller Effect. Just to name a few. Website:

Uri states the secret to success is originality which is why there was such an interest in him as he could do something that no one had ever seem before. Uri is famous for using his mind to bend spoons but his story and talent starts when he was very young.

Uri recalls living in Israel / Palestine during British rule. He was 1 year old and his mum had placed him in his pram and pushed the pram beneath the window. Uri remembers gunfire (from a British Solider across the street) and 2 bullets smash through the window above him, he watched the pieces of glass shatter and in slow motion the glass falling down on his face which was partially covered by a teddy bear. He was completely unharmed, not a scratch on him but he wonders if that shock may have triggered the start of something yet to become. His next unusual experience was when he was 5 years old playing outside in a garden when he heard kittens calling out so he went to investigate. A huge sphere of light appeared it was strobing and looked alive in some way. As he starred at it a beam of light like a laser shot out and hit him in the forehead with such force that it knocked him backwards off his feet and into the grass floor. He ran home to tell his mum who did not believe him (later a neighbour would verify his story as he witnessed the event). Uri does not pretend to know what this was he suggests it could of been spiritual, alien or something that he manifested into existence but it was after this event that he started to notice changes.

Not long after the event (still 5 years old) he was eating soup in the kitchen with his mum when he saw his spoon starting to bend as he watched, it bent that much that the end fell off and landed in his soup, he had no idea what to make of this neither did his mum but he was extremely curious if he could do it again so the next time he was in school in front of all his friends he tried it and again and the spoon bent. From this moment forward every time that he tried the spoon always bent. He showed everyone in school, neighbours and his mums friends but no one could understand how it was possible but to him it didn't matter as it made him feel good, he says he felt more than average.

It was in school when he also found out that he could read minds. This came about accidentally. He was never good at mathematics but when sitting in class looking at the back of the heads of the pupils sat in front of him he could see the answers taking form in his minds eye, real time as the pupils thought of them so he stated just writing down the answers that he saw appear. The teachers couldn't figure out how he was now answering questions correctly. It was also in school sat in a class that bored him he noticed that when he would stare at the wall clock just wishing the time away he could move the fingers of the clock and push the time forward an hour.

Soon he would catch the attention of organisations who could see valuable uses for his talents. This I will cover in another article.

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