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The truth behind the movie The Conjuring

Books: Trilogy of books called House of Darkness House of Light. Website: Gaia TV: S5 Ep 16 The real story behind The Conjuring with Andrea Perron. S5 Ep 21 Beyond The Conjuring with Andrea Perron. S5 Ep 27 Lessons from The Conjuring with Andrea Perron.

Andrea Perron now in her early 60's was the eldest child (12 years old) of the family who moved into a 200 acre colonial farm house in New England, USA, who are the experiencers that the movie The Conjuring is based on. Andrea started writing her books in 2007 about what the family went through at the farm but her supernatural life still continues on today. She describes the farm as a portal to other dimensions cleverly disguised as a house.

Regarding the movie Andrea says that only some elements are true and that the film has been majorly and deliberately toned done as the director James Wan had wanted the production to be rated as a PG 13 but even this toned down version we see today could not be certified as less than an R rated film. She also says that her books contain 95% of what happened in that house but 5% has not been revealed due to the fact that either the experience was too harrowing or personal.

January 11th 1970 was the exciting day that the family moved into their new home. The house was bought from an elderly man who was still packing up the last of his belongings as they moved their furniture in. The elderly man pulled the farther to one side and said 'for the sake of your family leave all the lights on in the house at night'.

So how long did it take for the first supernatural event to happen is a question Andrea says she gets asked all the time - the answer is within 1 minute of arrival. The father asked Andrea to take a box of their belongings from him into the house, she took the box and walked in passed the elderly gentleman still packing away some pieces from a cabinet and another man dressed strangely stood in the corner of the room she said hello to the strange dressed man but he did not reply so she just continued on and delivered the box to her mum in the kitchen were she enquired who the man was in the next room with the previous owner? her mum replied that there was no other man. Andrea's sisters (apart from the youngest aged 5) had also been instructed to carry boxes into the house and as each girl entered the kitchen they all individually asked their mum who the man was stood in the corner of the room but the last sister in also added that she had seen him vanish before her eyes.

Many different entities were in that farm house from the extremely harmless - like the 5 to 6 year old boy who introduced himself as Oliver Richardson who became a play friend of the youngest sister who herself was only aged 5 years old to the extremely violent and powerful who would torment them and cause physical harm. Andrea recounts one such story:- A neighbour had come to visit and had brought over a cake as a gift. The neighbour had 5 boys of her own and the children had become friends from travelling to school together on the same bus. When the neighbour arrived the mum was in the shower so Andrea popped her head in the bathroom to tell her mum that they had a visitor, her mum asked that she make a pot of coffee and she would be down in a minute. While the children and neighbour sat chatting in the kitchen terrifying screams where heard from their mum upstairs so with haste they all ran to her rescue, they burst in the bathroom and all witnessed the mum naked getting brutally beaten with a solid wood coat hanger, they could see bruises and abrasions all over her face, neck and shoulders but what they could not see was the attacker it was like she was being assaulted by an invisible person. The neighbour never visited the house again and she banned her children from ever going near.

The part of that story that Andrea seems to get the most upset about is the fact that this event marked the beginning of the end for her parents marriage because when their mum told their dad about what had happened to her he point blank refused to believe her but this denial to the daughters who had witnessed it with their own eyes and who were also experiencing entities of various sorts themselves he had just presented himself as a person who they could no longer trust with what was happening to them also.

The stories and experiences get worse so I suggest you read the books if you want to know more.


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