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Shared Death Experiences

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Raymond Moody, M.D, Doctor of Philosophy and Author.


The term 'Near Death Experience' (NDE) was coined by Raymond Moody back in 1975 in his best selling book titled Life After Life. He began his research into NDE in 1968 he was a sceptic and an atheist but now proclaims to be neither.

He openly admits that when he first started his research he had taken the view that it was very likely that the people who reported this type of experience were probably suffering from oxygen depravation to the brain but that train of thought can in no way be applied to shared death experiences.

Over the course of 52 years he has spoken to hundreds of experiencers of NDE but within that group he also noted a number of bystander reports, these people are not the ones having a medical issue they are the medical team or the family and friends who just happen to be there at the time. Their stories are all very similar in the fact that they see images either fill the room or within their minds eye and they experience a form of out of body feeling.

One doctor reported working on a patient in the emergency room when his mind was interrupted and flooded with a flow of pictures of the patient he was working on doing different activities during different stages of his life, he said it was like watching a movie of the mans life but yet he could also still see what was happening in the room around him. The movie stopped when the mans heart did and the time of death was called.

A wife reported sitting with her husband holding his hand as he slipped away then a bright light appeared in the room, it glowed white in colour and she could see images of the couple filling the walls like photographs. There was another presence with them whom emanated a great feeling of love, She couldn't put into words how she knew this but as a reflection of her faith she believed it to be Christ. She started to notice that some of the life pictures were obstructed from her view which she was not happy about so she asked the presence why she could not see all of the images and she was told that it wasn't because the images are bad it is just not her place and time to see them.

Another doctor reported that she was with her mum at her time of death and as her mum started to slip away the doctor saw a brilliant white light appear above the bed and then her own body felt different, she noticed she was floating up to the ceiling, she was looking down on her mum in the bed and herself in the chair. Her mum was floating also by her side then the ball of light opened and releveled the faces of loved ones who had passed and some other faces of people she did not know. Her mum floated up into the opening of the light and the doctor watched the hole close like an old fashioned camera lens shutter and then the next thing she was back in her body, in the chair next to her mums bed who had now passed over.

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