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Latest News about me and this site :)

Well hello one and all :)

This is a long time no speak but there has been a reason. I set up this site in January 2020 as I wanted to create a platform for alternative thinking. This was not my stage to get you to think my way but a platform for you to test if you have mind filters in place that create a certain lens that you view the world through and base your judgements on which may or may not be serving you well. I wanted to discuss new science and theory, crop circles and magic basically anything that generated a bit more thought than general conversation. This site became more than that to me as it became part of a totally new journey in my life were I went on to become the first Cognomovement practitioner in the UK, I became an NLP practitioner, belief clearing practitioner and I quit my job to start up my own business called Sandstorm Creative Projects Check it out on FB too.

All this busy time placed this site on hold and I also wasn't sure if it could all fit together plus I questioned if this site would have an adverse effect on the other but I am now super happy to announce that I have decided to keep both running and I want this site to be bigger and better than it has ever been before so get ready for the revamp, articles to provoke your mind and more love to you guys who kindly followed this from the start.

I hope that you are all doing well and I will speak to you soon x

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