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Discredit and they will believe

Do you ever wonder why people get publicly ridiculed, who is behind the campaign, why it is happening at that moment or if you should believe it?

Nikola Tesla - Acknowledged as the inventor of AC current but his work on how to distribute electrical energy wirelessly anywhere in the world resulted in all his funding being withdrawn, a public slander campaign and him being ostracized from the scientific and research community.

Galileo Galilei - Nick named the father of modern physics was sentenced by the inquisition because he held 'alternative views' one being the opinion that the sun is motionless at the centre of the universe and that the earth is not at its centre and moves. He died under home arrest.

Royal Raymond Rife - Had a proven success rate of nearly 100% at destroying cancer cells and other bacterial and viral pathogens. He was celebrated by his peers and branded a pioneer of medical science but then abruptly shut down, disowned and publicly discredited. He died penniless and deeply depressed.

Giordano Bruno - Publicly burnt alive at the end of seven years in prison because he suggested that the universe was infinite, visible stars were also suns with planets orbiting them and that those planets could be inhabited by living beings.

Wilhelm Reich - Inventor of technologies proven to treat disease through accessing the life force that surrounds all living things (he called this Orgone) was imprisoned, his books banned and burnt and he later died in jail.

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