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What are Mind Filters?

Growing up we are all fed a steady stream of information.  We are told what to believe and who to believe, which football team you will support, which god you will pray to, what standard of living and behaviour is acceptable, who you can be, how far you can go, how intelligent you are, which political party you should support, who you should admire, how you should spend your time, who you can be friends with and who you shouldn't trust.

On top of that we also gain experiences just from living, what's most important about this statement is that we take note of our experiences, cataloguing them emotionally, typically good or bad.  Its an essential for survival - recall previous scenarios to predict and assess if a current circumstance requires attention or ignorance - to be oblivious, is one example.

The filters make us view and experience the world differently but how often do we take the time to look and see if the filters match how we actually want to feel and interact with the world?  I hear myself saying the odd family saying, some of them steer more towards the half empty glass than the full one.  The functioned to stereotype life i.e. money doesn't grow on trees.  Break a leg, was to wish you good luck?  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Red sky at night, shepherds delight but red sky in the morning, shepherds warning.  I could list many.

This site is for you, for you to evaluate how you really feel about life.  The topics are purposely chosen to make you think, to get them neurons firing but be kind to yourself.


Value yourself, know your own mind, live for you and respect the opinions of others.  You are totally unique, there is no one else in the world like you so own it, grow into it - LEARN ABOUT YOU.

I love this Theodore Roosevelt quote.  Enjoy.

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