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About This Site


This site is designed to open the door to new thought and to make you question why you have such strong beliefs and opinions regarding certain topics.  Are the filters you use to see the world serving you well or narrowing your view?

The quest is not to influence you to change your mind but instead this is a topic tool for conversation and contemplation, who knows it might just change a small part of your life.

Each article will reference its source, suggest websites and books so that you can begin your own journey on a path of your choosing if you find one that resonates with you.

If you find an article that doesn't resonate with you that's fine but before you dismiss it ask yourself am I looking through a filter that is mine, am I using one that has been given to me and if its just something you simple have thought for years, maybe now its time to have a little thought foundation review (See page mind filters)?  

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